Work with Kirbie:

My favourite thing in the world is helping women to step into their full potential and create a life that they truly love! 


It's what I am given the opportunity to do every single day as a leader, as a fur-mum, as a boss babe + as a partner.

Its the opportunity I am given as a doTERRA leader + wellness advocate.

I do this everyday - help women to tap into their full potential and inspiring them into deeply aligned action - because it excites me, it fills me up and because its what I was put on this planet to do.

I've spent the past year educating women not only how to take their health from humdrum to holy shit! by using natural solutions like essential oils. But, I've also taught them how to create a business blueprint that is in total alignment with how they truly want to live their life.
Because, life is way too freakin' short to punch in and out at a job that you hate. 

My favorite part? Theres space for you on our team too, whenever you're ready.

New Age Healing is for you if....


  • You're tired of the typical 9-5 life {or wonky shift work if you're like Kirb!} and you know you were put on this planet for something more. This is your time and you've never been more ready.

  • You're tired of being pulled in a million directions and feeling the need to choose between the things you love. You are craving financial + time freedom allowing you to spend time with those you love the most. 

  • You're ready for massive growth and don't take opportunities such as this for granted. If you're ready for this type of epic growth, than this opportunity is for you.

  • You are highly self responsible and are able to fully take care of yourself. I don't have the ability to always be by your side guiding you, so you are self-sufficient + willing to get to work on your own. 

  • You work well individually and on a team and get super stoked about helping others to find what you have!

  • You believe in balance, ying  + yang, chaga + wine but still believe in treating your body as a temple, using the worlds most natural products + oils

  • You want to be a part of a movement that’s educating, inspiring + empowering others. You don’t want to get by doing the bare minimum but instead you want to show up and make a positive impact in the world, and joining my team gives you a head start on that.

Joining New Age Healing will support you to:

  • Create freedom in your life, whatever that means for you
  • Allow you to step into your full potential as a woman, mom, wife, sister, daughter + entrepreneur
  • Express your creative side however you see fit whether it be through graphics, writing, speaking or sharing 
  • Create financial freedom (not just a say it, but a living it type of financial freedom) that will allow you to support your family in ways you never imagined
  • Enjoy every ounce of life, and not just skim the surface
  • Become a part of a team that lifts you up and supports you from the moment you enroll. After having a not so great relationship with women my entire life, the relationships that have been developed on our team are out of this world
  • Allow you to create your own flexible schedule, working it around whatever you current life looks like
  • Provide healing + hope to those you love, whether its helping your friend to sleep, helping to calm anxiety or improve ones mood, we have the tools to offer it all. 

If you choose to join our team, I promise you will be supported by the best crew of peeps I've ever met. If thats something you want, I know that this  is perfect for you. 

When you have a chance, I would love to take you through what joining our team might mean for you. 

AND, I've created a simple space for you to get started right now.

If you've thought about joining our team but aren't there just yet, start using your oils, loving your oils + sharing one on one with others. Once you feel comfortable doing that, you'll know when the time is right. Usually your heart will skip a few beats, you'll feel a bit of a nervous/happy stomach and your eyes will widen. Give me a shout when you feel that (or even if you don't..)

Wait and see the shifts that happen through using high vibe, essential oils in your home. Your appreciation and love for the earth will grow more than you ever imagined. Feel free to email me over at to chat a bit more!

Not only do we have the most beautiful essential oils at our fingertips, but we have the most abundant business opportunity available to us at anytime for no extra cost. 

Let me walk you through what excites me the most about this biz opp.

Our Team + Culture

The moment you enrol with me or a wellness advocate with the New Age Healing team, you are not only supported by them but are also supported by our larger community. We have the most amazing tribe of women who are waiting to welcome you and add as much value to your journey as possible. 

Its amazing how many women start their oil journey with zero interest in building a business, but what happens is they see the larger picture. They see what its really about, offering hope + healing on a global level and they most often jump right in. 

Over the past year we have experienced epic growth as a team, and I strongly believe it is because of the type of women we attract and the guidance thats in place to ensure business + financial success. 

Join our team + receive:

  • a 30 minute welcome call to chat goals, hopes + dreams
  • START with essential oils ebooks + guides to get you started on your oil journey
  • One on one mentoring scheduled organically on an as needed basis to check in our your biz goals + to ensure biz success
  • Complete in depth business training walking you through the simple, basic steps to getting your biz started the right way
  • Monthly online team calls chatting about current promos, how to leverage them and a business topic of choice
  • Access to a monthly ebook from the Supernatural Life Library created by a holistic nutritionist in our community
  • Systems that have been created for you + your teams including tailored training based on your goals you'd like to achieve within your business
  • Our generous compensation plan


Need to chat a wee bit more before making your decision? 

Email me at and we can setup a time to chat.