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How to tell the thoughts in your head to take a hike and quit the self sabotaging once and for all

How to tell the thoughts in your head to take a hike and quit the self sabotaging once and for all

I came across this quote somewhere when reading something {I read a lot! lol} and it went like this:

Self sabotage is misguided self love


I read that sentence over and over again. On one hand I was like 'well thank god!' and the other hand I was thinking oh crap...that explains it.

Self sabotage is something that SO many people deal with, myself included. Whether that be with food, situations, relationships, friendships, our name it! When things are going well we must shit on that parade. And I think, for a lot of people, it comes down to the fact of self love and self worth. We genuinely do not believe that we deserve to have what we want, and when said out loud that is really sad and tragic.

You and I would never think to deny these things to friends and family because we love them. Yet, why do we deny having ____ {a happy healthy and thriving life} to ourselves when we are literally all we truly have when it comes right down to it.

These beliefs {which are limiting FYI} are crap that we tell ourselves in our head like a noisy record playing over and over. When all you tell yourself is that you don't deserve it or it's not right for you THEN GUESS WHAT?!  You believe that shit you tell yourself, because our thoughts become our reality. Thoughts become things.

Just as you would never speak to someone this way, you need to begin to train yourself to never speak to yourself this way. How do you do that? First, you begin to recognize when those thoughts begin to creep into your mind. At first it will likely be often..several times a day, maybe even several times an hour. That's okay, just begin to notice when they are coming in, as if you are a by standard listening to a conversation. Don't react {which can be hard} just listen and notice what you tell yourself. Acknowledge these things, not to be true, but rather that they are happening. You can even say to yourself 'that is interesting' if you feel like you need to react here.

After you've noticed the chatter in your mind and have done this for a few days you will likely find that you are shocked at how much you have self deprecating thoughts. Babe, that's okay! You now know WHY you've been sabotaging so much, you've been telling yourself a lot of BS for awhile now ;) Next, whenever some stinkin' thinkin' comes into your mind I want you to have a trigger word that snaps you out of it. For me, this is thinking 'STOP!' to kind of jolt myself out of that thought pattern, and then switching whatever I was going to tell myself and flipping it with a positive.

For example, if you tell yourself:
I don't deserve ______ because I am not _____ enough
Flip it to I deserve ____ because I am amazing, incredible, smart, loving, and I love myself so I am going to do it!

Whatever the crap you're telling yourself, just flip it right around to something positive! I promise this is going to create some MAJOR shifts in your mind, beliefs, and thought patterns and you will begin to stop sabotaging yourself in whatever area that is. But, you MUST be aware that this takes work! Just like anything that is worth it, it takes consistent work to achieve your goal. This is no different.If you've been telling yourself these things for awhile...and I know you have been, then it will take some time to switch them. Don't use this as an excuse to not do this though. Please. You are worth working on yourself, and you know how freeing it will be to break this habit and live your amazing life that you truly want.

If you feel like you need more support in this area, or want to break through more mindset blocks and create a new healthy mental lifestyle routine then feel free to contact me to learn more about working one on one together to achieve those goals. I work with women everyday to help them move from their unhappy state to a more thriving life through mindset work and energy healing

Kirb xx

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