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Natural All-Purpose Cleaner {with a twist to save you mucho money!}

Natural All-Purpose Cleaner {with a twist to save you mucho money!}

Elimination of waste and minimalism has been on my mind for awhile, maybe you are too. Perhaps it's because minimalism is 'trending' at the moment {although I've been following and fascinated by the tiny house moment for years and years now} and people are starting to wake UP to the fact that we are polluting the hell out of Earth and are basically fucking it over for the coming generations. #gutcheck

I've been evaluating the amount of garbage Chris and I have been producing, which feels like a lot for just two people.

How is it so much? We recycle and we compost. Where is all this other shit creeping in?


So while rummaging through our garbage the other day {lol, okay maybe just peering in to see what was in there} it occurred to me that the main culprit seems to be packaging that our food is coming in. Especially lately since we've been eating not so stellar. #realtalk. There was also a decent amount of paper towel in there and this was mainly due to the fact that I've been holed up in our home for 6 days because of the snowapocalpyse that has been happing outside {I'm talking waking up to 4' drifts surrounding your home on xmas morning...roads closed for a few full of 11 people. Yeah. Could you get any more stereotypical Canada?}

Once everyone left I got my mofo'ing clean on and after burning through all my paper towel and 'green' cleaner I realized;

there's gotta be a better and healthier way to clean.

So I whipped up some fancy smancy cleaner tonight and all it took was a few simple ingredients a sealer jar and some rags.

Here's the deets:

>> 1 larger sealer jar (mines an old pickle jar)
>> 1 old t-shirt
>> vinegar
>> water
>> on guard essential oil {purchase here}
>> melaleuca essential oil {purchase here}

Cut up your old t-shirt into squares approximately the size of paper towel and set aside.
In your jar you'll do a 2:1 ratio of vinegar to water and fill approximately 1/2 the jar with this combo. Don't worry if it's not perfect, I just eyeballed it for ratio's ;)
Next, add 10 drops each of on guard and melaleuca to your mixture, and give a little stir. Add in your rags one by one pushing them down into the jar. fill the jar with rags being careful not to push out any of the liquid. Add more vinegar and a few drops of essential oils if your rags soak up all of the liquid.

store this on your countertop or where you keep your cleaning supplies. Use in replacement to your kitchen and bathroom cleaners and ditch the paper towel :) Best part? Toss your rags in the washing machine when finished and reuse over and over again!
This is an amazing all natural all purpose cleaner. Vinegar is fantastic for cleaning and with the combination of on guard + melaleuca you'll disinfect without all the nasties found in common kitchen cleaners. PLUS totally reduce your waste with the rags. Awesome right?!

Have fun creating your own cleaners; it doesn't need to be complicated!

Peace, Love, & Reducing Trash
Kirb xx


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