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Unwinding from the Day: 5 tips on how to destress and sleep soundly

Unwinding from the Day: 5 tips on how to destress and sleep soundly

If you're like most people you have a hard time unwinding from the day. I remember having a hard time shutting my mind off when I worked as a paramedic and worked nights, totally creating anxiety in my mind about how I NEEDED to fall asleep because I had to get up in x amount of hours.

I'd even tell myself, "okay Kirb, if you fall asleep now you will have 7 hours of sleep before you need to get up for work". Well, as you can imagine...this was not conducive to sleeping at all. lol. And, it wasn't until I started to create routines before bed that I began to actually calm my anxiety and drift off to sleep...even flip flopping between working days and nights and 14 hour long days. 

Whatever your job and schedule looks like, I know that these tips will help you to de-stress and drift off to lalaland quicker. 

#1 Create a bedtime routine!
Decide that you are going to create and stick to a routine {and tweak until you get it right}. Begin to make this a habit and reap the rewards.

#2 Become more organized
It may {or may not} surprise you to see this on the list. But, think about it. If your house is a hot mess and nothing is in its place then that is likely going to be a sense of anxiety for you...whether you know it or not. Maybe you've always been a bit on the messier side {me to man! :p } but when your house is put together and clean then it takes a load off your mental plate. This is especially important in your bedroom.
Do you have clothes everywhere? Have to make a path to your bed? Is your bed a hot mess too? You need to embrace your inner mother and clean 'yo room! Make your bed, put everything away where it belongs, and tidy up. Dust and vacuum and make it a relaxing and inviting space that exudes peace and relaxation, not like a bomb went off and holy hell those dust bunnies are going to eat me!

#3 Aromatherapy & Salt lamps
While on the topic of the bedroom something that has helped me immensely is investing in an essential oils diffuser and Himalayan salt lamp.
We all know that lavender is relaxing.... and listen, it is. It works. So do a lot of different scents if you don't love lavender like me! Vetiver, chamomile, ylang ylang, bergamont, sandalwood, majoram, and cedarwood are all great options as well. Put in your diffuser and diffuse for 10 minutes or so in your bedroom before you go to bed so the scent is in the air and room. You can also leave this on while you sleep, or turn off if you wish.
A thing with essential oils...there's a lot of brands out there. You want to get a reputable one that isn't filled with synthetic oils or fillers. So do your research before hand (my fav is doTERRA, find out more info here , I've also listed my very fav oils for relaxation and sleeping here )

Salt rock lamps are also badass and here's why. It changes the molecules in the air by attracting positive ions (the bad guys) and converting them into negative ions (good guys). This promotes deep sleep by increasing the blood and oxygen supply to your brain (which positive ions suppress). Can't sleep with a light on? No probs! Just turn it on during the day and then turn off at night when you go to bed.

#4 Break up with your phone and electronics 1 hour before bed, ideally 3hrs before!
Yeah I know...this sounds a little harsh but it's totally doable, and if you've dealt with crappy sleep for awhile now you are likely up for trying anything.
This works. Pinky swear.
You've likely experienced searing eyes from staring at your phone in bed in total darkness only to take your eyes off the cat videos and notice that shit it's 2am. This is because that glow from your phone and other electronics stimulates your eyes and, is also basically like a dopamine drip to your brain stimulating it and keeping you wide awake.
Simply put....make your bedroom an electronic free zone and put your phone in a drawer at least an hour before bed to keep it out of sight out of mind. Dust off that old alarm clock and use that instead of your phone.

#5 Find a leisure activity to unwind with that isn't a device.
I personally love to take baths, so I'll hop in the bath an hour before with a good book, Epsom salt soak, some water and relax. I've conditioned myself that this routine ='s sleep. So, when I do it I get very sleepy.
Maybe for you, this is reading in bed. Or taking a cooler shower (hot baths and showers stimulate us to keep us awake), spending time in the kitchen meal prepping, a candid conversation with your spouse of kids sans TV (!), having great sex, taking your dog for a leisure walk. Anything. 

All of these tips have been incorporated into my routine over time and they've stuck because they work. For me. Begin to discover what works for you by recognizing that you want to have a better sleep each night and consider trying these to see how they work for you too!

Have some tips you want to share? We'd love to hear them! Let us know in the comment section below!

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