Hiya Gorgeous!

Kirbie is an intuitive energy healer & essential oil educator who uses her gift to help her clients tune and tap into their own energy source and help facilitate healing and change in their lives. She is also passionate about teaching others about holistic healing through education on what we put in and on our bodies and how it effects our health as well. Her goal is to empower people to take charge of their health and to step into a more holistic healing lifestyle.

Through Kirbie's combination of energy healing as well as talk therapy, she is able to dig into the underlining energy and beliefs and break up limiting thought patterns as well as remove stale negative energy that has been causing dis-ease and emotional and physical pain with her clients. Clients walk away feeling a sense of ease, peace, and clarity, as well as given techniques specifically for their needs on how to implement these changes so that they can live a truly happy life that they desire.

Kirbie has had an intuitive gift her whole life, being able to tune into people to see how they are truly feeling amidst the way they portray themselves on the outside. Through innate wisdom and life experience, she uses her guidance to help her clients find inner peace, confidence,and begin their path to self-fulfillment and healing.

And, after being diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders and PCOS she became passionate about holistic healing and began to work on heal her body from the inside out, which lead to a massive calling to help others empower themselves with taking their health into their own hands too.

She is committed to a life of continuous study and practice in order to deepen and elevate her energy in an effort to better serve her clients. She possesses a true understanding of both her gifts and her purpose.