Hiya Gorgeous!

Kirbie is an intuitive energy healer & essential oil educator who uses her gifts to help facilitate healing and change in their lives with their health as well as their bank accounts. 

Teaching others about holistic healing through education, Kirb has created a business centered around empowering women to take charge of their health and to step into a more holistic healing lifestyle.

The daily grind of working for someone else is a total snooze-fest, wouldn't you agree? 

After working one job after another and going through the motions... she decided to drop the BS and realized that there's MORE to life than settling for mediocre. 

It took several health diagnosis with autoimmune disorders for Kirb to realize that it was time to wake da f up! and that a there was such a NEED not only for herself to make some health changes..but for so many other women. 

If you're hungry for being the advocate for your life + health and know that there's more to it than just setting with your crappy job & your less than desirable health.... then now is the time to take your life by the balls and create your own destiny! 

Want to create a life that you love? 

Want to create a difference in the world with our broken sick-care system? Let me show you how to do so using the power of essential oils!